Moving to a new place might be thrilling, but it can also be daunting and stressful. Before you can settle into your new home, there are a lot of things to think about, prepare, and accomplish. Therefore, in order to make your transfer as simple and hassle-free as possible, you must have a moving checklist.

We’ll discuss the value of a moving checklist in this blog article, as well as the crucial tasks you must complete before moving in 2023 and a thorough checklist for moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Additionally, you’ll see how Fort Lauderdale Local Movers can help you with your moving requirements and ease your move.

Preparing for Your Move to Fort Lauderdale in 2023

The Importance of a Moving Checklist

You should complete the tasks listed on a moving checklist before, during, and after your move. It assists you in remaining organized, monitoring your progress, and avoiding ignoring any essential steps. A moving checklist can also assist you with:

The Importance of a Moving Checklist
  • Planning beforehand will help you save time and money by preventing last-minute surprises or delays.
  • Reduce tension and worry by breaking down your move into manageable phases and prioritizing the most pressing ones.
  • Pack your possessions carefully, clearly mark your boxes, and choose a reputable moving company to ensure safety and security.
  • Focus on the good parts of your move, such as exploring your new city, making new friends, and beginning a new chapter in your life, to help you enjoy the process of moving.

Key Tasks for Moving in 2023

Moving in 2023 could provide some particular difficulties because of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the growing expense of living, and the shifting environment. As a result, when organizing your relocation, you need to be especially attentive and organized. Here are some crucial activities you must complete before moving in 2023:

  • Do some research before you go. Learn as much as you can about Fort Lauderdale, including its population, culture, environment, economy, means of transportation, system of health and medical care, leisure activities, and tourist attractions. This will assist you in determining whether it is the best location for you and your family, as well as help you get ready for your arrival.
  • Make a budget. Moving may be costly, especially if you’re crossing state lines or long distances. For your move, you must create a realistic budget that accounts for all of the charges, including hiring movers, leasing a truck or storage space, purchasing packing materials, traveling costs, utility deposits, insurance premiums, etc. The cost of living in Fort Lauderdale, which is 23% more than the national average, must also be taken into account.
  • Pick a date for the move. The weather and traffic conditions, as well as the availability and cost of movers, can all be impacted by the date of your move. Moving is often best avoided during the busiest times of the year, such as the summer and winter, as well as major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, weekends when most people are off work, and the beginning or end of the month when most leases start or end. Instead, make an effort to move in the off-seasons (spring and fall), on weekdays when there is less demand for movers, and in the middle of the month when there is more supply of trucks and storage facilities.
  • Hire a moving company. Your relocation may be made simpler, quicker, and safer by working with a reputable moving company. But not every moving company is made equal. Before selecting one that meets your demands and budget, you must conduct some research and evaluate several possibilities. Look for a moving company that has:
  • A valid license and insurance
  • A good reputation and reviews
  • A reasonable price and estimate
  • A clear contract and policy
  • A friendly and experienced staff
  • A range of services and options
Moving company

Fort Lauderdale Local Movers, which has been providing local residents with moving services since 2000, is one of the top moving businesses in Fort Lauderdale. They provide cost-effective local and long-distance moving services to both residential and commercial customers. Additionally, they provide storage options, piano moving services, senior moving services, military moving services, furniture assembly, and disassembly services, packing and unpacking services, etc. They have a group of skilled and professional movers that treat your valuables with consideration and care. Additionally, they offer a fleet of cutting-edge vehicles with GPS monitoring devices and cushioned blankets to safeguard your goods while en route.

  • Pack your belongings. One of the longest and most tiresome aspects of moving is packing. You must organize your possessions into categories (such as keep, donate, sell, or throw away), pack them into boxes or containers (using appropriate packing materials such as bubble wrap, paper towels, or newspaper), label them clearly (with the contents and destination room), and secure them with tape or straps. The goods you’ll need for your first day or night in your new home, including toiletries, clothing, prescriptions, food, chargers, and other necessities, should be packed in an essentials box or bag.
  • Get your new house ready. Make sure your new house is prepared for you and your family before you move in. 
 New house
  • Your new home has to be completely cleaned and disinfected, especially in light of the COVID-19 outbreaks. Either use cleaning supplies and equipment to do it yourself or contact a professional cleaning service.
  • Inspect your new house for any problems or damages, such as leaks, cracks, mold, pests, etc., and fix them. If you’re renting, get in touch with your landlord or property management; if you’re purchasing, employ a handyman or contractor.
  • Install and activate all of your new home’s utilities and services, including the internet, cable, phone, water, gas, and electricity. In advance, you can arrange an installation or activation day and time with your service providers.
  • Update your data with many businesses and organizations, including the post office, banks, credit cards, insurance providers, healthcare groups, schools, and employers by changing your address. To speed up and simplify the procedure, you can utilize online tools and forms.
  • Get to know the area facilities and resources, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, parks, libraries, gyms, etc. by exploring your new neighborhood and community. To find the best locations close to you, use apps and/or online maps.

Comprehensive Checklist for Moving to Fort Lauderdale

We have put up a thorough checklist that includes everything you need to accomplish before, during, and after your move to Fort Lauderdale in 2023 to assist you. It may be downloaded from this page and printed or saved to your device. Additionally, you may alter it to suit your own requirements and preferences.

The checklist includes:

  • A timeline of when to start and finish each task
  • A list of items to pack for each room
  • A list of items to pack for your essentials box or bag
  • A list of items to donate, sell, or dispose of
  • A list of packing supplies and equipment to buy/rent
  • A list of moving companies and services to compare and choose from
  • A list of documents and records to update and change
  • A list of utilities and services to set up and activate in your new home
  • A list of places to visit and explore in your new city

How Fort Lauderdale Local Movers Can Assist You

Look no further than Fort Lauderdale Local Movers if you’re searching for a reputable and affordable moving company in Fort Lauderdale to help you with your move in 2023. Since 2000, we have provided local residents with their services as a certified and insured moving company. For affordable prices, we provide local and long-distance moving services to residential and commercial customers. Additionally, we provide storage options, piano moving services, senior moving services, military moving services, furniture assembly, and disassembly services, packing and unpacking services, etc. We have a group of skilled and well-vetted movers that treat your valuables with consideration and care.

We are more than just a moving company. We are your moving partners who will make your move to Fort Lauderdale in 2023 a breeze. Amd, we have the experience, skills, equipment, and customer service that you deserve.