Eight Week Moving Planner Guide

6 to 8 Weeks Prior to Your Move:

Organization is significant for a smooth move and this also is the time to begin with getting the details of your move.
It is now time to determine which things you wish to transport to your new dwelling. If you decide to dispose of things that you don’t need you should either donate these to a charity or contemplate creating a garage sale. Make contact with a local charity or pick a date at least a couple weeks before your moving date for your garage sale. Advertise the garage sale locally. Another excellent idea may be to sell the items online. eBay is often a smart way to go.

Start gathering proper moving and packing supplies if you are planning to do your own packing or partial packing. You can purchase all these materials from your agent or a moving supply company.

Take into account your brand-new home layout and start considering where you’ll place the furniture. Make a floor plan of the new home which will avoid the stress of making decisions whenever your furniture arrives at your new home.

Get acquainted with your new community. You’ll be able to obtain information on schools and community through the local Chamber of Commerce.
Your travel arrangements, if necessary need to be made at this point. Try to keep your plan as flexible as you possibly can to fit any routine changes or delays.
Consider collecting all your important documents and other one of kind belongings.

4 to 5 Weeks Prior to Your Move:

Get in touch with the Post Office for the Change of Address. Give your new address to:

• Friends and Family
• Utility Companies
• Banks and Financial Institutions
• Insurance providers
• Lenders
• Health Providers
• Government Agencies
• Educational institutions
• Subscriptions
• Doctors

Examine what you own, and decide what must go and what can remain behind.
Organize your move by determining and producing lists of what belongings you won’t transport, what items your moving company will move and what items you will move yourself. Decide if the belongings that are not going that is to be sold at a garage sale or online, picked by a charity or trash it.

Come to a decision on who will do the majority of the packing or all of the packing. It is a wise decision that you just let moving company do the majority of the packing. They know the best techniques for keeping items safe; that is what they do for a living. Get the kids involved with the moving process. Let your children do a little packing and let them recommend a layout with regard to their new room.

3 Weeks Before Moving:

Inform your moving company if there are any changes in the dates of your move. If you will need any extra accessorizing service, you’ll want to inform the moving company for pricing. At the same time advise the agent if you happen to add or subtract items from the planned shipment.

Choose how much packing your will handle yourself. It is advisable to tell your agent of any items that you decided for them to pack.
If you move your vehicle yourself or a auto carrier, you ought to make your final reservation for a pick up at this point.

Consider giving your plant life away should you be moving from one state to another. Some state laws forbid the moving of houseplants.
Make travel arrangements for your domestic pets. Take them to your veterinarian to make sure of proper up to date health certificates and shots. Some states will require these documents.
You will need to carry all precious jewelry along with you.
Return any borrowed items such as library books.

14 Days Prior to Moving

Contact your financial institution to learn how to transfer your accounts.
Back up your entire computer information to a disk. Contemplate taking all back up documents along in the vehicle.
Make final packing decisions. Discard items that represent a hazard and therefore are not allowed to get shipped.
Tape and seal all cleaning fluids that can be non-toxic, non-flammable in plastic containers.
Drain all your power tools which contain oil and or gasoline to guarantee safe transportation.
Have your car maintained if your travel will be car.

7 Days Prior to Your Move:

Make certain to tag which belongings you will bring yourself.
Mark your containers to be shipped with “Fragile”, “Do Not Load”, “Load Last” decals.
Empty, defrost and clean your fridge, freezer and clean your stove, all no less than Twenty four hours before moving to allowed them to air out.
Prepare belongings you’ll need while your items are in transit. Pack your luggage and confirm travel plans.Make an attempt to maintain plans as flexible as they possibly can in case of unforeseen delay or schedule change. Make sure that your moving company knows your new address as well as your new phone and cell.Get hold of your moving company to inquire about the methods of payment accepted.
Consult the moving company about protecting and insuring your belongings.

1 Day Prior to Your Move:

Pack a box of things you may need once you first arrive at your new house.
Take this container along or have the driver load it last and unload first.
Be certain that all services have been carried out before signing for them.

Moving Out Day

Be nearby once the driver comes and during the entire loading process.
Go with the driver throughout inventory. Evaluate the condition of your items as they are unloaded.
Make a final inspection of your house. Note that there’s nothing overlooked.
Sign the bill of lading and be sure your new address and phone number is correct.
Lock all windows and doors, and turn off all switches.
Arrive at your property 1 day in advance, if possible, to be sure that utilities are hooked up.
Be on hand to pay the driver before your belongings are being unloaded.

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